Product Overview & Benefits

Hyrofoil Wingscrews

Stoked On Foiling is proud to be working Hydrofoil Wingscrews, helping fellow foilers get these high-quality, reliable screws or tools that enhances their experience on the water. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the sport, these wingscrews offer a blend of performance and ease of use that can maximise and improve your hydrofoiling sessions.

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Functionality and Use

Wingscrews are particularly advantageous as they do not require additional tools for adjustments. They have been designed wider than standard hardware counterparts, providing sufficient leverage for tightening by hand. It's advised against using tools to tighten these screws to prevent damage.

Alignment and Performance

While wingscrews may not always align perfectly with the centerline of the mast due to their random positioning when tightened, there has been no reported increase in drag significant enough to impact performance.


To preserve their longevity, especially in salty environments, it's best to rinse the wingscrews with fresh water after each use. While aluminum may tarnish over time, this does not affect the function or strength of the product.
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