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Meet our Founder

"Life is a gift and so is the freedom we have. When you connect with the ocean and fly above it on a foil, it’s very hard to not want to share the freedom and flow you experience with others. The foil journey is so healthy for the mind and when your focus is to only help others, business naturally happens and helping others is not work but a must.

Here's to getting #stokedonfoiling together" ~ David Ligtenberg (founder)

David Ligtenberg

Truly Stoked On Foiling

With over 5 years of foil experience and 10+ years of surf experience, David’s passion and stoke for the ocean doesn’t stop. David is now completely Stoked On Foiling and doesn’t ride anything unless there's a foil underneath.  

No matter if it’s SUP, Prone, Winging, Downwind or Powered Foiling, David is always testing new gear looking for the ultimate ride in each discipline. No matter your goals, David has the background to help you get flying on the water.

If you're like David, once you experience your first flight you won’t look back; it’s addictive. We can’t wait until you’re Stoked on Foiling too. 

Why so stoked?

Passion for life

You only have one life. Our founder David Ligtenberg says “The only limit we have is the one we put on ourselves, and the only person we have to compete with is also only ourselves”. 

David became stoked on foiling over 5 years ago and before starting, thought it was only something that the pros could achieve. It was hard to ignore just how stoked Kai Lenny is in his famous videos from 7+ years ago and then want to be foiling yourself.

Nowadays, Foiling is such an accessible and life-changing sport and lifestyle to get into; better gear, newer technology and a growing community. We believe with the right advice and gear everyone can foil and experience this amazing activity. 

Our goal was never to set up an online store or start selling gear, but once you get into foiling things can progress fast. David was (naturally) buying and selling heaps of gear, and with a background in business running his Digital Marketing and Web Development company Itag Media since 2006, it was only a matter of time before Stoked on Foiling would be born.

Combining your passion with business makes every day feel like play and sometimes it really is. As we say: Every Day’s a Foil Day!