Stoked on foiling & life

Our vision & Community

Whether it's foiling or life, we believe being stoked on both has a positive flow-on effect on you and the people around you.

Being stoked is also about being truly engaged. With foiling, when you are out flying above the ocean and in a 'flow state', you are 100% engaged in what you are doing - this same approach to life results in positive shifts in your relationship with friends, family and the world.

Whether it’s on the water or land, being truly engaged and present in the current moment will change your life positively. It’s time to get #stokedonfoiling and life.

Our Tagline Or even Mantra

Every day's a foil day

With the specialised foiling gear now available, no matter if it’s rivers, very light winds or fantastic waves you can literally go foiling every day. To us, it’s not just about being obsessed with foiling but being obsessed with living the best life you can every day. So remember, every day’s a foil day and every day’s a gift.

Our core values


Foiling has advanced and now there is no excuse to not be riding the right gear. Quality is to us is also about giving the correct advice so that your sessions are maximised.

Positive Impact

No matter if its on or off the water, the ocean, mates and good memories are all a gift. So on or of the water, we belive in making a postive impact. Let's make the world a beter place!


Shared experiences are lasting ones and with foiling there is nothing like sharing a session with fellow foilers and mates. No matter your skill level all are welcome in the foiling community.


We believe foiling impacts your mindset (if you want to learn from each session) and no matter if you're on or of the water, being 100% engaged in what you are doing has positive flow on effects to all aspects of your life.
Our focus

Positive impact

We focus on creating meaningful relationships and positive experiences, both on and off the water.

Your outlook on life changes when you connect with the ocean and appreciate all it has to offer. It’s about balance on the water and off the water, no matter what you're doing, your life and attitude impact others. 

So here’s to making a positive impact on the ocean and the people around us.

The only limit we have is the one we put on ourselves, and the only person we have to compete with is ourselves.

Stoked Founder
David Ligtenberg
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We invite you to join the Stoked On Foiling community and experience the joy of foiling.

Our community is full of passionate and dedicated members who are committed to making a positive impact on our lives and the world around us. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced foiler, we welcome you to join us and get stoked on foiling!

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