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Honest advice about what I did and didn't need as a beginner to the sport

Highly recommend Stoked on Foiling for a seamless buying experience. David is super knowledgeable about all things foiling and lives and breathes the sport.

Winger - Bundaberg QLD
Tait Owens
Thank you so much legends for your high vibe ongoing support!

They have some of the best foil gear and advice on the market. You know that you will be in great hands with the Stoked On Foiling team.

Prone Foiler - Noosa QLD
Daniel Bissaker
I'm now confidently gliding over the water and enjoying every moment of it.

I had the pleasure of purchasing an Armstrong DW foil board from Stoked on Foiling. Their passion for foiling & firsthand experience as foilers made the entire process a piece of cake.

A foiler holding his Armstrong Downwind foil board
Winger - Bundaberg QLD
Troy Daubaras
where every day's a foil day

As foilers, we have a deep-rooted desire for flight above the water &  flow with the ocean. The right gear helps, and at Stoked On Foiling, we provide reviews on the gear we ride, testing options & quality foiling products from leading brands.

Foiling is an ever-evolving sport but starting out with the right gear and getting the right advice will fast-track your progress. It’s not a cheap sport but it’s worth the investment for the fun, friends and stoke you will experience.

No matter if it’s SUP, Prone, Winging, Downwind or Powered Foiling David is always testing new gear, looking for the ultimate ride in each discipline. No matter your goals, David has the background to help you get flying. 

If you're like David, once you experience your first flight you won’t look back.

Foiling riding armstrong foils board and foil
3 wingers riding f-one foiling and winging gear
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