by David Ligtenberg

How to turn & carve better on the wave face with your foil

How to turn & carve better on the wave face with your foil

Are you a medium to advanced foiler looking to improve your turning and carving skills on the wave face? Look no further! In this blog post, we will outline how your foot position and foil size, including the fuselage and stab, can impact your performance. We will also provide actionable tips to help you take your foiling to the next level.

What is the ideal foot position for better turning and carving?

When it comes to turning and carving on the wave face, your foot position plays a crucial role. If you look at Adam Bennetts, a renowned AU foiling expert (we think one of the best when it comes to surf style), you can see he places his back foot front foot slightly to the back of the leading edge of the mast when he initiates a hard turn. His foot positioning plays a big part also, as you can see his back foot toes are towards the rail of his board and his front foot heal is to the rail, so he has an offset stance.  This positioning allows you to drive hard and use all of your body to drive of the back and also then use the front to help make those turns super surfy and smooth. 

There is heaps more to turning and we will continue with this analysis in another blog but a quick tips is to get your mates to capture you on video, so you can see what sort of stance, foot positioning and body movement you have. 

The great thing about foiling there is always something you can improve, it never gets old