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About Stoked on Foiling

In short, we can't get enough of foiling and from this passion for pushing our skills and having fun out on the ocean, Stoked On Foiling was established.

Based in Bundaberg QLD, our only focus is to serve foilers Australia-wide with first-hand advice to get people #stokedonfoiling. Selling only the gear we ride and love.

Our Approach

Serve fellow foilers

While other shops are selling foiling gear, we set up Stoked On Foiling to focus on serving fellow foilers and positively impacting them. We strongly believe in helping them with advice based on their goals, skills and budget.

The result is people getting stoked on foiling due to their foil skill progression, and helping improve their outlook on life. There is nothing quite like flight time and smashing your goals out on the water.

With foiling there is always something new to learn, which is what makes it so amazing. It just doesn't get old or boring.

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We ride the gear we sell

Advice from first-hand experience

Our advice is based on us riding all the gear we sell. Often as foilers, we can buy so many different foils thinking it’s going to change our foiling and take it to the next level, then shortly after, new gear and tech releases and we repeat the cycle.

This is great for progression, but most people only need 2 to 3 front foils to cover them for most conditions. Making the right choice is often hard and then you really should test your new gear in a range of conditions, including tweaking your shims and mast position. These things are the difference between making your gear work or it just being average.

We also offer options to try a few foils with a return option, so you can get your setup just right. Learn about our returns options.

No matter if it's foiling or life, we believe being stoked on both has a positive flow-on effect for you & those around you.

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Support & buyers advice

As foilers first, we talk to our customers to understand what their skills and goals are, and only then give advice and options based on budget and current setup, to help our fellow water-lovers succeed.

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