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The Armstrong Foils A-Wing XPS is your ultimate companion for every winging session. Whether you're soaring freely, c...
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The Armstrong Foils A-Wing XPS is your ultimate companion for every winging session. Whether you're soaring freely, carving waves or pulling off freestyle stunts, this wing doesn't disappoint. Crafted by the world's top wing and kite designers, it offers an exceptionally connected riding experience, unmatched upwind performance, unparalleled speed, and incredible stability that sets new standards in the sport.


"We tested hundreds of individual materials during the development of the XPS. We settled on the new generation high quality lightweight Dacron, tried and tested polyester Dacron and Ultra PE woven laminate (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) for key reinforcements. The result is a highly refined combination of materials which delivers impressive strength to weight, durability and overall performance" ~ Armie Armstrong (Founder & Director)



2.6, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.6, 5.3, 6.1m2.


The A-Wing XPS comes complete with a carry bag, wrist leash, extra battens and a patch kit.

Wing Span:

  • 3.5m : 2776mm
  • 4.0m: 2955mm
  • 4.6m: 3062mm
  • 5.3m: 3193mm
  • 6.1m: 3380mm

Stoked product tips & insights

This wing is perfect for wave riders, with minimal luffing or sail flutter and excellent stability. With the wing's superior design, you can focus less on managing the wing and more on shredding the wave.

With it's hybrid carbon handle (HCH - it has a rigid carbon interior skeleton and soft padded exterior), making this wing very balanced, user friendly and wing both beginners and pros will love.

Beginner tip: For beginners go up a size to get some better low end to help you get up in lighter winds. This does depend what foil your running but for the ultimate easy learning front foil wing consider the 2050CFv2.

Features / Highlights

Hey fellow foiler! This wing really is special and will help you improve your winging progression.

  • Armstrong Foils innovative cross panel sail (XPS) design is all set to provide you with an unbeatable level of connection when you're out there on the water.
  • What makes this wing cross panel design so special? It significantly reduces sail distortion. How? By enhancing load distribution and frame rigidity. The result? All wing sizes deliver a direct, controlled feel that makes flying a breeze. So get ready for a more comfortable and effortless flying experience!


  • The XPS's airfoil section and pre-twist tip geometry deliver incredible speed and sublime upwind performance.
  • These features enhance jump amplitude for freestyle manoeuvres, ensuring plenty of hang time and float for smooth landings.

Customer Reviews

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John Sompson
Great team and excellent service

These guys are great!!!!
We have used them several times with quite difficult orders (complex payment & shipping requirements). Each time they have been outstanding with great advice, prompt service and good prices.
Would thoroughly recommend them - and will be using them myself again when we next need some more kit. John

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