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Transform your lightwind experience and make every day a wing day!Pre-Order now shipping as early as May 29th. Shippi...
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Transform your lightwind experience and make every day a wing day!

Pre-Order now shipping as early as May 29th. Shipping AU Wide

Experience something truly unique and unparalleled in your winging journey. 

Experience the magic of foiling in light winds with the revolutionary A-Wing XPS Lightwind. No matter how light the forecast may be, this wing will push you to progress and redefine your relationship with wind and water. Its exceptional performance and maneuverability make it a no-brainer for any winger from beginner to advanced. Join the movement and elevate your light wind sessions to a new standard of fun.

7m wing Specs: 

  • Wind range: 7-15kts
  • Area: 7.0m2
  • Span: 357.5cm
  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Max PSI: 6

8m wing Specs

  • Wind range: 4-10kts
  • Area: 8.0m2
  • Span: 374.4cm
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Max PSI: 6 


Package Includes bag, spare battens and patch kit.

Stoked product tips & insights

This wing is perfect light winds in the range of 4-15 knots.

With the wing's short wingspan for its size, you can focus less on managing the wing and more on foiling / enjoying the ride.

Features / Highlights

Hey fellow wing foiler! This wing really is special and will change your light wind wing days. Here's the top features.

o New generation high quality lightweight Dacron, tried and tested polyester Dacron and Ultra
PE woven laminate reinforcements are light and stiff and helps the airfoil maintain its precise

Cross Panel Sail Design Canopy
o Boosts canopy tension and load distribution for a direct feel when powered. Teijin
Technoforce D3 canopy material.

Power Batten
o Patent-pending carbon fibre bar that enhances wing performance. Extended UPE
reinforcement, special stitching details and double layer UPE end pockets. Replaceable.

Trailing Edge Battens
o These carbon fibre battens minimise trailing edge flutter and are removable for a tunable

Hybrid Carbon Handles
o Rigid carbon skeleton with a soft, padded exterior.

o Made from TPU that is ultra-clear, lightweight and can be folded for an easy packdown. It also handles cold temperatures without cracking.

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