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F-ONE STRIKE V3 - Catch Lightning
Conceived with the latest technologiesand featuring a revolutionarydesign, the STRIKE V3 is the ultimate performance wing. Whether it's freeride, freestyle, surfing or freefly, this state-of-the-art wing can do it all. The STRIKE V3 delivers unparalleled performance while guaranteeing comfort, stability,power, precision, durability, and the ability to go upwind quickly and efficiently in any winds.
Available in: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5m²
  • Revolutionary design for unprecedented performance.
  • NewHITEX and TECHNOFORCE for increased durability.
  • Perfect control of the profile and deformations to guarantee comfort throughout the entire wind range.
  • Improvedpowerdeliveryand planing.
  • Impressiveupwindperformances .
  • Legendary lightness and stability in freefly.
  • Perfectly balanced center of traction for an intuitive ride.

Stoked product tips & insights

This wings really come alive in the surf and if your into jumping this is a must have wing. These wings are not just for the pros, as there so light and easy to handle. It's a wing you will not outgrow, not matter your level of skill.
The v3's now have stiffer handles but are still not rigid, which we think is a nice compromise giving you the benefit of a light wing that still gives a little more control due to the upgraded handles.

Features / Highlights

For this third edition of our iconic STRIKE, the R&D team has worked on three areas: the materials,the placement of these materials and the design to improve performance and durability.


The inflatable structure of the STRIKE V3 is made of HITEX 158g and 178g. This brand-new high tenacity polyester exclusive to F-ONE offers great resistance to elongation and therefore greater durability and performances.The central strut is thinner in diameter thanks to the HITEX 158g and its independent valve that allows for a better control ofits pressure. Its longitudinal reinforcements help command itsshape and resistance.Thefour central segmentsof theleading edge on each side of the strut aremade of HITEX 178g, while thefour outersegments nearer thewingtips are in 158g. Both materialsareperfectly distributed to account for the different tensions, high pressures,and weight distributionin this area.Since the beginning, we have also kept a thin leading edge diameter at the wingtips, bringing agility, comfort and glide, but also lightness and less inertia.In addition to the new HITEX, we have developed a thicker TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 66g forthe trailing edge where tensions are important and resistance essential.The rest of the wing’s canopy is in TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 52g.


Through Sail Engineering, we have conceived a completely new design; everything has been precisely thought-outto adapt the wing’s shape tothetensionsand new materials.Every panel on the STRIKE V3 is precisely laid to carry a specific load. The front of the wing combines horizontal panels separated by a vertical seam from the innovative radial center panels, which are mapped to accurately follow every load trajectory. The trailing edge is controlled by a vertical panel in 66g.Small radial cuts are also implemented on the wingtips and on the back of the strut to spread tensions.Aligning the fibre exactly along the load paths means that stretch can be controlled to a never-before-seen level on a wing. Thanks to this precise load management, the wind range of the STRIKEis extended at both the high and low end, and the range of wind strengths where the wing feels perfect is greater than ever before.

With our staggered seams, the fabric and its seams work better to keep a smooth and efficient profile and the flying shape of the wing never deforms under load.The control of the profile is ideal, especially in the high end where stability is superb to ride fully balanced on both arms and in total comfort.The new trailing edge tensions and radial cuts have brought incredible performance and control.Located on the back of the strut, our innovative Load Diffuser made of overlapping panels of hard Mylar and Dacron further helps maintaining the profilesleekand efficient, leading to the ultimate stability, performances, and longevity. Every reinforce menton this wing has been reviewed to ensure durability and to save weight.With the STRIKE V3 delivering stability beyond compare, wecouldhaveaflatter dihedral angle and thus reach a bigger projected area. In turn,thepower and pumping abilities are even more improvedfor planing starts.This allows riders to usea smaller wing or board than before.Anew and slightly more compact outline with less span make sthe STRIKE V3 easier to pump and ride.The center of traction has been perfectly placed right in front of the rider to guarantee a perfect balance on both arms.Finally, all profiles have been revised to accommodate our new parameters. We were able to slightly reduce the V3's profile thickness to bring even more comfort and control in strong winds.The high end potential of this STRIKE V3 is impressive, with an effective forward traction that won’t let you overexert yourself even when overpowered.


To further improve and optimize the rider’s control of the wing,we have rigidified our handles while keeping our original,lighter construction that doesn’t include any hard parts that could damage your wing, ding your board,or hit yourself. Our grippy, ergonomic and comfortable handles allow for some flexibility so your wrist is always in line withy our arm. This also gave us the opportunity to design the strut just as we liked. The front of it goes down straight away on your front hand before going up into the wing’s profile near your back hand. This leads to a more natural position to sheetin.


Thanks to its new design and precise fabrics placement, the STRIKE V3 is a masterpiece of aerodynamism. The perfect control of the profile and deformations guarantees unforgettable sessions.

We kept the STRIKE's light weight and unique freefly stability so you can go for long surfs or downwinds without worrying about your wing and remain focused on your trajectory and foil.In your hands, its legendary planing and pumping power are even better. When on the water, the upwind abilities are impressive with an incredibly consistent traction. This wing’s upwind performance is overall greatly enhanced throughout the wind range.

If you like to glide and go fast in total control and comfort, theSTRIKEV3 will bring performance and stability. For freestyle and jumping, the height and lift will surprise you and all landings will be easier.

Virtually a brand-new wing, the V3 is an improvement of the V2 in all areas and pushes the performance of a wing into new territories. While it will surely satisfy riders of the highest level, the STRIKE is also incredibly accessible to anyone wanting to discover wing foiling.

The STRIKE V3 has it all and is yet again ahead of the game. Be the first to pick the third.

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