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The V3 SMIK wings have undergone further improvements, enhancing what was already the most high-tension, ultra-respon...
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The V3 SMIK wings have undergone further improvements, enhancing what was already the most high-tension, ultra-responsive wing on the market. This has expanded the V3 SMIK wing wind range and control capabilities.

Visually, the horizontal cut panels are a noticeable feature, but what is not immediately apparent is the unique way in which skin tension has been accomplished this year. While we won't divulge all our secrets, rest assured that the skin tension remains incredibly tight, albeit achieved differently. This adjustment allows the leach to breathe, making it extraordinarily efficient to pump up onto the foil even under marginal conditions. The result is less backhand pressure and more forward drive as you gain power.

The world of wing development is fast-paced, with numerous companies launching new materials claiming to be the latest and greatest. However, these often fall short when it comes to durability, performance, and value for money.


I wouldn’t want the SMIK wings any stiffer than they are currently, as proven in the German surf tests. Whom said what we achieved with our previous incarnation was able to match the performance of the aluula struts without the price tag. (or the warranty issues. ) We tested windows and we still didn’t end up looking through them, where in fact all we could see what the distortion lines, material differences created. So we ditched em. Broken pencil. (pointless) ~ Scott Mckercher Smik Owner

Stoked product tips & insights

The after-market rigid handles are a great an easy upgrade to these wings. If you want an even more direct feel and are using in lighter winds, then these are highly recommended.

Features / Highlights

  1. Strut stiffness/ Skin tension / Tip Angles/ Draft placement/ materials, all combine to create a harmonious sense of balance in every aspect of flying and control.
  2. With its draft shape that holds (No flutter) when in neutral and drives through tacks.
  3. Combined with tip angle, It’s horizontal stability is unrivalled.
  4. Handles are supplied with the semi rigid long handle. The reason for this being when overpowered or with gusty winds, the wing is comparatively less stable with the rigid handle. There is however a lovely direct feeling with steady winds in its ideal wind range. Thus, there is the aftermarket option to purchase the rigid handles which are easily
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