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Introducing Armstrong Foils breakthrough in Wing SUP Board technology:  the innovative "Forward Geometry" designs. ...
4'8" (142cm) 50L

Light Rippers on Sup or Wing Includes Adjustable Carbon Tail kick pad, lightweight deck grips (front pads and tail pads)

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Introducing Armstrong Foils breakthrough in Wing SUP Board technology: 

the innovative "Forward Geometry" designs. These exemplify our relentless commitment to continual improvement and maximizing every wave's potential.

The principle of Forward Geometry hinges on the mast track's position relative to the board's center. By allowing the mast to be positioned further forward, we enhance maneuverability, responsiveness, and significantly reduce the effects of rotational swing weight. This, coupled with our cutting-edge 320mm Carbon fiber A+System Mast Tracks, empowers you to optimize your board and foil geometry for peak performance.

Wing SUP Sizes:

  • 4’8” x 22 1/2” x 3 3/4” (50L)
  • 4'11” x 23 1/2” x 4 1/4” (60L)
  • 5’2” x 26” x 4 1/2” (75L)
  • 5’5” x 27” x 4 3/4” (88L)
  • 5’8” x 28” x 4 7/8” (99L)
  • 5'11” x 29 1/4” x 5” (115L)
  • 6’4” x 31 1/4” x 5 1/4” (132L)

Wing SUP Weights (incl deckpads):

  • 4’8”(4.0 - 4.6kg) (8.8-10.1lbs)
  • 4’11”(4.6 - 5.1kg) (10.1-11.3lbs)
  • 5’2.5”(5.5 - 6.0kg) (12.1-13.3lbs)
  • 5’5”(5.8 - 6.3kg) (12.7-13.9lbs)
  • 5’8”(6.4 - 7.0kg) (14-15.4lbs)
  • 5’11”(6.9 - 7.5kg) (15.2-16.5lbs)
  • 6’4”(7.7 - 8.3kg) (17.0-18.3lbs)

Without a doubt, shorter boards provide exceptional maneuverability, control, and an immersive feel once airborne, but achieving flight can be challenging. That's where our Forward Geometry shapes step in. As boards shorten, it becomes crucial to maximize stability and hull speed while still water-bound. Armstrong's new Forward Geometry models address this with a unique, innovative solution, enabling all riders to experience the advantages of foiling on shorter boards.

Stoked product tips & insights

  • Size tips:
    Due to the square shape don’t be afraid to go down a size from what you might ride normally, even if the volume is lower.
  • Mast Track Position:
    With the mast track position you can make your boards ride like a much shorter board. We love putting them as far forward as we can but initially you will start further back and then you can progressively move it more forward.

Features / Highlights

Introducing the innovative Forward Geometry series of boards, brimming with groundbreaking features.

  • The hallmark of Forward Geometry is our new A+System Mast Tracks, strategically placed well forward on the board to minimize rotational swing weight, thereby significantly enhancing handling and responsiveness.
  • Our high-strength, custom-designed 320mm Carbon fiber A+System Mast Tracks are a major upgrade from conventional plastic tracks, offering superior performance.
  • The recessed deck feature draws you closer to the mast top, ensuring direct handling and a more immersive feel. The deck also incorporates an easy-to-carry handle that doubles as a water evacuation point for the recessed area.
  • With an extended waterline profile view, we ensure maximum speed by utilizing the full waterline length to propel the board forward.
  • The chisel-nose outline provides stability on water and efficiently channels water under the board, reducing drag.
  • Our boards boast an aggressive nose rocker leading into an accentuated double concave to flat design. This setup quickly elevates the nose, accelerating water down the double concave to the flat bottom at the tail.
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