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With Armstrong's innovative approach, everyone, from seasoned prone foilers to new foilers, can now enjoy the benefi...
4'0" (122cm) 27L

Surf, Kite, tow, wake. Wing Light riders and rippers - Includes lightweight deck grips (front pads and tail pads) & high quality bag..

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With Armstrong's innovative approach, everyone, from seasoned prone foilers to new foilers, can now enjoy the benefits of riding shorter prone and wing boards. Imagine slicing through the waves with smooth precision, the wind in your hair, and the thrill of control at your fingertips. That's the promise of these new wing surf board designs.


The new Forward Geometry will transform your surfing experience. The stability and speed are unmatched, and the shorter length makes manoeuvring a breeze. 


Wing Surf Sizes:

  • 4'0" x 18" x 2 1/2" (27L)
  • 4'5" x 20" x 2 3/4" (34L)
  • 4'10" x 21" x 3" (39L)

Wing Surf Weights (incl deck pads):

  • 4’0"(2.8 - 3.4kg) (6.2-7.6lbs)
  • 4’5”(3.2 - 3.8kg) (7.0-8.4lbs)
  • 4’10”(3.6 - 4.2kg) (7.9-9.3lbs)

Stoked product tips & insights

These boards paddle great to their increase waterline, so don't be afraid to drop down some LTR's, as they paddle like much bigger boards.

The 4'10 paddle much more like a 45L board, so if your a beginner this is still a good option to consider. Or if your just looking for a good easy board to paddle.

Features / Highlights

The new Forward Geometry range of
boards are packed full of innovation.

  1. Forward Geometry

    Our new A+System Mast Tracks are positioned well
    forward in the board to reduce rotational swing
    weight which radically improves handling and
  2. High Strength Custom Carbon Fiber A+System
    Mast Tracks
    Plastic simply does not do the job well enough, so we designed our own 320mm Carbon Fiber mast tracks.
  3. Recessed Deck
    This brings you closer to the mast top for direct
    handling and feel.
  4. Extended Waterline Profile View
    Speed is the key, so we use all the boards waterline
    to help accelerate the board forward.
  5. Aggressive Nose Rocker Into An Accentuated
    Double Concave To Flat
    This is all about bringing the nose up quickly to
    accelerate the water down the double concave to flat bottom at the tail.
  6. Innovative Tail Shape
    For better acceleration, less drag at the rear waterline release area, it looks faster because it is!
  7. Accentuated Chines
    As the board picks up speed and the foil starts to
    lift, the contact area reduces, making for a smooth
    transition from on the water to foiling and also
    seamless touchdowns as the board does not grab as it touches the water’s surface.

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